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What is RSS?

The Really Simple Syndication, or RSS, is a way to access all kinds of information, which further simplifies navigation on the Internet, bringing the content to the user instead of it go to the pages look.

And it works as simple as its name implies. Simply download a program or subscribe to an RSS reader to access through a single window, to different information channels.

The RSS system the reader can receive in your feed aggregator updates without the need to visit the site delivers the information.

Steps to use RSS

1. Sign up for one of the following aggregators or any other of your choice.

Creating is as simple as registering an e-mail account.


Some browsers, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer 7, include RSS readers.

2. Copy any RSS Open Energia CNE addresses and include in your aggregator.

Catalog RSS Atom
Publication RSS Atom
Regulation RSS Atom
Reports RSS Atom
Apps RSS Atom

3. Follow the steps in the aggregator and enjoy the new way of consuming resources in CNE Energia Abierta.